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Find out how to create clarity.

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How we create THRIVERS


Content For Thrivers

We believe that small changes can make large improvements to our daily lives. What are you missing that could increase your personal fulfillment and overall quality of life? Find out!

Coaching Materials

Our coaching materials are based on the fundamental Pillars found in MOVE! However, we also are building additional resources that will help managers, coaches, and owners engage in regular coaching that improves client or employee performance and overall quality of life.

Onsite Business Consulting

Sometimes we need more focused guidance to compress the time needed to take our business the next level. We engage companies interested in taking a long-term approach to grow their profits and culture. Our team is made up of practitioner consultants. We offer consulting services to help streamline company performance, plan for growth, and align the overall company culture.


Community of Thrivers

We aim to create Thrivers. People who engage in the process of closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. They thrive not because they never have problems in life, but because they find satisfaction in living their potential.

We are committed to helping people ask the right questions. Join our community! Read and listen to our content. Then when you become a Thriver, take time helping others thrive too.


Win a Weekend Away and Dinner with Dallas

Twice a year ThinkMoveThrive draws the name of one lucky Thiver who will win a weekend getaway (with a guest) in a private furnished home in the foothills of the BlueRidge mountains and dinner with Dallas along with a personal coaching or consulting session. To register, click below.